Over 30 not-for-profit community groups featured at the 2019 Festival! 

WED Festival provides a unique opportunity for community groups to highlight their actions and expand their community outreach.  These groups are doing some great work 'behind the scenes', working to make your future brighter and cleaner! They will be offering guests an opportunity to learn:
  • About local issues
  • How you can be involved in the solution
  • How to get active in their area of interest

ACF Community Sunshine Coast Area

Local community led groups taking action on the Sunshine Coast as part of national campaigns to stop pollution and speak up for our living world.

Join us for some fun activities!

  • Large Jenga puzzle with environment and nature statements on the blocks

  • Raffle for for a wooden jigsaw with an image of a bird

Amnesty Sunshine Coast 

Amnesty Sunshine Coast is a local action group campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. Stand together for justice, freedom, human dignity and equality. Our group aims to engage the community in human rights, to raise awareness of human rights and take action to protect all people's human rights. Climate change is a threat to human rights and will affect the most marginalised and vulnerable communities. 


Join Amnesty Sunshine Coast in creating an interactive art project about human rights and environmental issues, participate in their petitions and view photo actions!

Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA)

Australian Marine Environment Protection Association works to save the seas through education, awareness and action both on the land and on the sea. They assist educators and students to bring marine topics into classrooms through a variety of curriculum subjects and fun student activities PLUS they assist international seafarers and ships with course materials to bring them up to speed on the nature of Australia's unique marine environment and their responsibilities under law. We work in diverse "Partnerships for cleaner seas." 

Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)

Australian Youth Climate Coalition is a movement of young people driven to solve the climate crisis in a just and fair way. We empower young people to take local and national action on climate change, joining together to influence politicians, businesses and the community to take serious action to address climate change.


  • We would love to support a group working on the Sunshine Coast properly - as the School Strike 4 Climate demonstrated, there is appetite for young people on the coast to take climate action. Visit us at our stall to find out more!

Barung Landcare Association Inc

Restoring, connecting and protecting the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to support a rich biodiversity or our natural environment

Bat Rescue Inc 

Our display Flying foxes Phoebe and Bonnie help us to spread the message about how important these native Australians are to the ecosystem. Seeing these flying mammals up close and personal is a great experience for festival goers! Learn about bats and their ecosystem and pick up 'batty' merchandise! 

Boomerang Bags

Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association Inc (BIEPA) 

Caring for our special habitat and its residents and promoting the concept of Bribie Island as a fauna sanctuary and the protection of its native flora while recognising the pressure for development on the Island, to ensure any development is in harmony with the natural environment, rather than destructive of it. 


  • We are ready to answer all your questions about what BIEPA does and how you can help!

Coolum and North Shore Coast Care

We work to protect and conserve the natural values of the coastal area between South Peregian and Maroochy River by encouraging the preservation of this areas bio-diversity and encouraging active participation of the community and governing bodies. 


  • Out stall will feature interactive and engaging activities, education and awareness!

Cooran Earth Rights 

Our aim is to protect the natural cultural and agricultural resources in the greater Cooran region from inappropriate mining. We achieve this by educating and empowering local communities and by working with allied groups around Australia to reach sustainable outcomes and protect the environment for themselves and future generations. 

Crystal Waters Community Cooperative Ltd 

We support the Crystal Waters community with environmental, cultural, musical and social needs and provide the facilities for enjoyment of the Crystal Waters community for visitors. 


  • At our stall we will have information on permaculture courses, environment exploration at Crystal Waters and camping in a natural forest environment! Ooh exciting!


We patrol the Maroochy and Mooloolah River to improve that habitat by removing the strange and all-too-numerous items that make their way into our waterways and riverbanks through drainage systems, run-off, ill-managed litter or deliberate dumping. We also run Water Monitoring and Frog Monitoring Programs and have a vibrant ECOEducation program to increase knowledge and creating positive behaviours and attitude within the community. We train people for a 'Certificate in Land Management' under the Queensland Government Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program. Participate in our citizen science activities for an interactive experience and information on a range of topics impacting catchments, reserves and waterways of the Sunshine Coast. 

Friends of Yaroomba Inc 

Community Residents Group raising awareness for Yaroomba's plight 

Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Support Group Inc 

Preservation and restoration of the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary to create a permanent reserve of indigenous flora and fauna. We serve community interests by creating a centre for both formal and informal environmental learning.

  • Visit our stall to find out how our vital contribution to the education of the public and the conservation of the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary and all mangrove environments. 

National Parks Association of Queensland

The National Parks Association of Queensland promotes the preservation, expansion, good management and presentation of National Parks and supports nature conservation in Queensland. Drop by and pick up a 'Kids in National Parks' booklet for free and make future family outing nature friendly. We love talking about the importance of protected areas and how you can become more engaged with protecting them, just ask!

Native Plants Qld Sunshine Coast Branch and Birdlife Sunshine Coast 

Promoting native plants and habitat for native fauna on the Sunshine Coast. 

  • We have a range of free brochures encouraging the community how to use native plants to support native bees, native birds and more in your backyard + tips on how to protect local birdlife!

Noosa Forest Retreat 

We teach and inspire awareness to integrate the environment and self as "One Nature". We teach Deep Ecology, Enlightenment Intensives, Permaculture & Syntropic Farming. Come check out our presentations of integrated well-being, environmental health and living with awareness to forge deeper satisfaction, understanding, connection and care for within yourself and the environment.Ask us about our special WED discount vouchers for our environmental courses and access to our free online community on environmental design and permaculture!

Noosa Integrated Catchment Assoc Inc

Fostering responsible land and water management in the Noosa River Catchment, resulting in a clean and healthy river system.


  • Our stall will be providing information on our projects and the Noosa River Catchment. We will be selling  botanical reference books and merchandise inspired by the use of local native plants! Grab one when you drop by!

Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group Inc

Supporting the health of the creek's catchment and habitats for native flora and fauna. We aspire creek will become a self-sustaining, linked eco-system providing a valuable natural resources for future generations to access and enjoy.

Reef Check Australia

Reef Check Australia is an environmental charity dedicated to protecting Australia’s reefs and oceans by empowering people. We believe that engaging the community in hands-on citizen science and education initiatives empower communities to take an active role in appreciating, understanding and protecting their local reef resources. Our teams are part of a worldwide network of trained volunteers that regularly monitor and report on reef health in more than 90 countries using the standardised Reef Check scientific survey method. Reef Check data supplements government and academic efforts to understand and manage Australian marine habitats, by engaging local communities in hands-on reef monitoring.

Reef Check Australia has several key objectives that drive our daily operations: 

  • To collect and publish important coral reef data that is highly valued by scientists and marine managers.

  • To help communities understand the value of reef ecosystems and how they can help protect them through daily actions and sustainable behaviours.

  • To create high-quality educational and public awareness programs, facilitating behavioural change and promoting sustainable practices that help to protect our environment. 

  • Facilitate collaborative partnerships between not for profit groups to provide comprehensive and meaningful opportunities for community members to engage in coral reef conservation


Come visit us and play with our green screen (wind permitting, that is!) plus take the step and pledge to make simple changes in your local area that have large impacts world wide. Finally come and check out Reef Check Australia’s virtual reef walk and become a REEFSearcher for the day!

Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc. 

We want to save the dingoes on Fraser Island by educating the community about what to do and what not to do if come near dingoes trough education on Dingo body postures!

Sea Shepherd 

Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. Sea Shepherd Australia uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd Australia works to ensure their survival for future generations. 

Sea Shepherd are also passionate about sustainability and want to share this passion with others. We sell a variety of eco friendly products, ranging from beach towels; metal water bottles; organic cotton and fair trade shirts; and caps. 

Stop Adani Sunshine Coast

STOP ADANI ensure that new coal mines in general, and the proposed Adani mine in particular, are not commissioned. Join us for uplifting positive energy as we raise public awareness about a critical issue for the environment.

Sunshine Coast Bushwalking Club 

1. To encourage bushwalking as a means of recreation and to provide facilities for bushwalking and other allied activities 2.To promote 

regard for welfare and conservation of the natural environment 3.To promote social activities among members of the club and of kindred bodies. 

We will provide information on our Club in an effort to encourage individuals to partake in the outdoor activities we offer in a safe and responsible manner. Our Club activities are environmentally friendly as we leave no footprint and encourage our members to be environmentally conscious. We carry out all rubbish, stay on track where applicable, car pool as much as possible, participate in Clean Up Australia Day and instill a love for our natural environment. 

Sunshine Coast Surfrider Foundation 

The Sunshine Coast Surfrider Foundation promotes the enhancement and protection of our coastline environments. Our focus is communicating with the public and educating them about our campaigns and the local activities and actions Surfrider Foundation are undertaking around them and how they can become involved. 

Join us as we 'Re-shape your trash', a fun interactive workshop for festival goers to create their own stubby cooler or keepcup out of recycled materials!

Sustainable Population Australia

Sustainable Population Australia strives to enable an ecologically sustainable future by ending population growth both in Australia and globally. It is a national, independent, non-political, member-funded environmental charity, established in 1988. SPA advocates voluntary small families and low migration without racial selection. SPA disseminates information about population growth and its impacts to inform public debate.


We will have a short quiz, which we have found very successful in engaging visitors. We have a wide variety of materials and a short quiz to open your minds about the future populations!

Take Action for Pumicestone Passage Inc (TAPP)

Take Action for Pumicestone Passage Inc works to enhance and protect the environment for the Pumicestone Passage with effective environmental monitoring of development in the catchment and following world's best practice for development within the catchment.

Join us and learn about the Pumicestone Passage, the environments around it and how development is impacting the catchment.

The Overview Institute of Australia 

The unifying, planetary consciousness that humans experience when they see the planet from space is 'the overview effect'. Raising awareness can be cultivated through simple practices here on Earth. Enhances your motivation to engage in life-enhancing, environmentally regenerative life-styles. 

Let us guide you through an assisted 'mini-overview effect'  through a fun meditative exercises at the festival! 

The Womens Shed Inc Coolum 

Bringing together women on the Sunshine Coast, inclusive of age and interests, to learn, share and create.

Join us at the festival to learn more know about women's social, health and wellness, support and creative groups available to join. Join us for some fun hands on activities that we teach out of the Women's Shed!


TreeSisters is a grassroots, women led reforestation revolution. We have funded the planting of over 3 million trees in the tropics. We are an educational organisation with a strong focus on women’s leadership in the face of climate change. 

Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld - Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc. 

Educating about and lobbying for the conservation and preservation of the natural environment. We are involved every year in the Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival, and our FaunaWatch project runs regular fauna observation walks, as well as surveying fauna on Land for Wildlife properties and other sites. 

We enjoy talking to members of the public about the flora and fauna of the Sunshine Coast, and the life and works of our founder, wildflower artist Kathleen McArthur, who in 1962 helped set up WPSQ, one of Queensland's oldest conservation campaign groups. 

Yandina Community Gardens

Yandina Community Gardens Inc. (YCG) is a membership-based community group dedicated to providing education and practical experiences in Permaculture Design Principles. YCG and “The Blue House” is a volunteer-run learning environment for Permaculture gardening. It was established for the community to gain practical skills in growing their own food and also features an old Queensland weatherboard house which has been retrofitted to demonstrate practical solutions to changing your home to be more sustainable.

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