Ethical, Sustainable, Fresh & Wholesome

In 2019, World Environment Day Festival is supporting a sustainable future by promoting food and drink from ethically sourced and conscious business'. Food is a key element to any festival, each year we carefully select a wide range of food to meet the needs of everyone. We ensure vendors ethics coincide with the sustainability goals of the WED festival.

Plant-based food isn't about lentils and spices anymore - it excites the tastebuds and challenges you to reconsider your approach to food! So get to it, fill your bellies with the joy of plant-based food!

Green Street Foods

Food (Savoury) *Vegan, Gluten Free

IG @green.street.foods 


Green Street  provide familiar favourites from around the world in a plant based way. They are vegan , gluten free and refined sugar free, this clean eating without compromising flavour is sure to get your tastes buds going. 

Green Street Foods says, " We strive to use local and organic products where possible and endeavour to leave as little environmental impact as possible."

Claude's Food

Food and Drink (Savoury & Sweet) *Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

IG @claudesfood 


This could be one of the best one stop stalls of festival to get fresh, healthy flavours from around the world to keep you vibe-ing this festival. Check this out - Beautiful Seasonal Salads, Vietnamese Baguettes, Asian Noodle Bowls, BBQ Haloumi Roll, Rice Paper Wraps - if it’s not already vegan, the option exists, just ask! Desserts (blackrice pudding with pandas coconut yoghurt (OMG we will race you to try this!) and lassis are also available to satisfy all of your tastebuds!


Claude’s Food says, “We make the food we love to eat. Using locally sourced, ethically grown produce, we take great pride in making delicious healthy food. Only free range eggs, cold pressed sustainable oils and no additives. All our food is made from scratch by us. Our commercial prep kitchen is powered with solar, we compost and recycle all waste and only use compostable or reusable packaging, no plastic. Basically we make delicious 'real' food, it's good for you and soft on the planet.”

Coconut Lover

​Food & Drink (Savoury & Sweet) *Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free



Featuring a range of coconut based products and organic certified drinking coconuts! Try our Coco-mari (plant based version of calamari), Kofta balls,  Pineapple Fritters,  Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls, Coconut based snacks AND Coffee - vegan milks of course!


Coconut Lover says," We want to support mother nature and the environment as much as possible so we offer plant based food. Our packaging is recycled and eco friendly. Our fresh drinking coconuts are organic certified."

Maido Japanese

Food (Savoury) *Vegan, Vegetarian

IG @maido_japanese


We serve an authentic range of vegetarian and vegan Japanese food. We believe in real food - How food tastes and makes our customers feel is the most important thing for us. To maintain our authentic flavour profile, we careful consider the fresh and local ingredients and processes used in our kitchen. ​Osaka's happy vibe is fuelled by great food at good prices and Maido continues this tradition with some famous dishes from the wider Kansai region.


Maido Japanese says, “We always enjoy the day at WED and looking at all the stalls on display with new ideas relating to our human impact on our environment in all its forms. We are happy to feed people while minimising our own impact as best we can, including computable packaging.”

Smooth As Fruit

Beverages & Snacks *Vegan, Gluten Free

IG @smoothasfruit


Stay hydrated with Smooth as Fruit. I you want something a bit fancier than a drink, no problems they have an assortments of smoothie bowls and nice creams! All Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls, Cold Pressed Juices, 100% Fruit Sorbet & Nice Creams are made fresh to order on site!


Sorbet/Vegan Nice Cream - ‘Strawberry & Banana’, ‘Mango & Banana’ and ‘Pineapple’. Smoothie Bowl flavours ‘Chocolate’, ‘Tropical’, ‘Original Acai', ‘Pink Dragon fruit’, ‘Green’ and ‘Turmeric’ - topped with a variety of toppings including fresh seasonal fruits, organic coconut, toasted granola or gluten free muesli and organic super food topping.


Smooth as Fruit says, “We are a family run local business, who views ourselves as partners with our customers, community, and environment. Our vision is to encourage and provide healthy eating amongst the community, free from added sugars, gluten, dairy, artificial flavours, or colours. WED festival aligns perfectly with what we believe in & our moral compass. Good vibes & people sends great messages to the community.”

Lou Lou's Street Food

Food (Savoury) *Vegan

IG @loulous.s


We provide healthy whole foods including vegan meals and snacks bursting with flavours from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia. 


Lou Lou says, “I'm happy to answer any questions relating to a vegan diet and lifestyle.” So for those with questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Sweet Floz Churros

Food (Sweet)

IG @sweetflozchurros

Traditional Divine Churros, crispy outside and soft inside, the way they should be. Fresh Churros (Spanish doughnut) cooked in front of the customers, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with choice of warm home made sauce: “Dark Chocolate’, “Ginger Syrup’ or ‘Dulce De Leche'. 


Childrens and adults are often attracted by the sweet aromas as they bake and the machine used to create Churros. Don’t be shy to ask questions, they are happy to teach you! Good Fresh Churros are hard to find these guys never disappointed!


Sweet Floz Churros says, “I am so proud to see many events around the world who make people realise the importance of caring for the environment. They provide the community with how they can affect change and provide answers that all governments should listen. Being a part of this change is great.”

Tibetan Food King

Food (Savoury) *Vegan, Gluten Free

IG @tibetanfoodking


The Tibetan Food King strives to share their culture, serve healthy food that both satisfies and brings happiness to their customers. Tibetan Food King's goal is to respect and save the mother earth from plastics and waste by using biodegradable or corn starch plates, spoons, bags etc and minimises use of water in their cooking. Our foods are inexpensively but very highly quality for everyone’s wellness and happiness. All dishes are hand made fresh with love.


At the WED festival get set to enjoy ‘Veggie Chrispy’, ‘Soup’, 2 styles of Dim Sim ‘Mushroom Momosf'and ‘Green Veg Momos’, ‘Veg Wok Noodles’ and finally the ‘Tibetan Vegan Feast’!


Tibetan Food Kinds says, “Every day we are connected with our environments. Showcasing our Tibetan foods brings more connections to the earth and community to encourage happy life and giving respect to animals and all beings in on the earth.“

Donut Kitchen

Food (Sweet) *Vegan

IG @donut_kitchen

Bakery fresh made to order light fluffy warm pillows of sweet dough injected with your choice of fillers, from jams to chocolates and custards. Keep posted as there may be a chance they will be bringing Gluten Free donuts and waffles as well!

Friends of Yaroomba

Food (Savoury)

Serving Mexican Food!

Friends of Yaroomba says, “Our stall is set up as sustainably as possible, using locally sourced produce where possible, serving food on plates made from recycled material and encouraging our patrons to recycle their plates and cutlery after use. We are committed to raising funds to support Development Watch & SCEC with their Court Appeal regarding SCRC's approval of Sekisui's DA to keep our beautiful coast save from inappropriate development."

Fresh Box

Food & Services *Organic

Fresh Box says, "Partaking is this amazing day we want to support the movement and increasing the awareness of good environmental practices and eating habits on the sunshine coast. Festivals like WED are beneficial to our community and theres nothing better than bringing people together for food and fun!"

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Eumundi Lemonade ‘The Lemonade Stand'

Beverage (Sweet)

IG @eumundilemonade


Try the icy cold, homemade traditional lemonade - just lemon juice, spring water and a hint of sugar on ice. Made without the nasty preservatives and additives. Or why not try our Crushes, Passionfruit Soda & Crushes and Slushies - also freshly made without any additives. Icy cold slushies or cans of soft drink are a treat for the kids and will cool you down on those warm Sunny Coast days!


Eumundi LemonAde says. "I love making my homemade Lemonade and enjoy it when people come back for more. There are no preservatives, added colours or artificial flavours in my product. I try to use as little plastic as possible eg. paper or stainless steel straws , biodegradable/compostable cups and refill cups for a cheaper price."

Falafel Baraka

​Food (Savoury & Sweet) *Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

IG @falafel.baraka


We are bringing back the falafel gurus this year with their delicious home made Middle Eastern treats and specialising in healthy falafel all made from only the freshest ingredients, gluten-free & vegan. ​Falafels are cooked to order and served on their own, in wraps, salad bowls and on plates with salads and dips. Looking for something sweet - try our handmade vegan sweets including baklawa, ma'amoul, helbe and kerakesh!

Did you know? Falafel Baraka source locally as much as they can AND grow their own spray-free herbs! BONUS!

Falafel Baraka says, "Baraka means 'generous blessings from the divine that flows through the physical and spiritual spheres' - we aim to offer this to our community through our food. This is seen in the way we shop as locally as possible, to reduce food miles, provide the freshest food and support local business. It is also in our commitment to sustainability - using Biopak compostable products, recycling and composting wastes where possible, reducing water use and any chemicals we use, such as washing liquids, are environmentally friendly.  Our whole ethos is based on the bounty of the planet and what it offers and we want to show others just how beautiful and nourishing food can be that is sourced locally from fresh ingredients, and using only plant-based products. This extends to using sustainability as much as possible in how we cook and serve our food, including burying our oil refuse in our garden which provides fertiliser for our parsley... and so the cycle continues!"

Outback Spirit Iced Tea


IG @ice_tea_stall


We sell 4 amazing flavoured Iced Teas, using fruits and herbs from local growers. Check out these flavours, ‘Rosehip peach with cinnamon’, ‘Hibiscus Raspberry with apple and Strawberry’,  ‘Mojito with Lime and mint’ and “Vintage Lemon”!


Outback Spirit Iced Tea says, “We are a plant based stall using all fresh and local fruits for our teas. We use bio degradable cups and straws. We are passionate about our country, climate, animals and we need to clean up our rubbish.”

Hemp Burger

Food (Savoury) *Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic

Come down to this stall to get some vegan-friendly, gourmet gluten-free organic food. It ticks all the boxes, especially the ones your taste buds care about. Hemp Burger takes great pride in creating their food, producing amazing vegan wraps, salads, and burgers that will have you coming back for more! Kombucha and coconut water on the side helps bring out the flavours on the way down!

Cowabunga Coffee

For Caffeine Lovers

Cowabunga brings the specialty coffee experience to the outdoors! Do not miss invigorating your day with a coffee, iced coffee, cold brew coffee, tea, chai, hot chocolate, turmeric latte or matcha tea! The Cowabunga Coffee Cart is constructed using 99% recycled materials! They only use recyclable cups and lids and compost all their coffee grounds.  You can't get much more green than that.


Cowabunga says, “Sustainability is something we take very seriously, so we only use biodegradable takeaway cups and do not offer lids, sugar sachets, stirrers, straws or any other environmentally catastrophic bullshit that often accompanies a humble cup of coffee. All coffee grounds are composted and all empty milk bottles recycled. The coffee cart and all the accompanying seating and furniture is constructed (almost) entirely out of reclaimed timber pallets giving the package a unique and earthy feel. Using only top quality, locally sourced ingredients our aim is to offer an amazing coffee experience without all the hipster wankery.”

One World Food Truck

Food (Savoury) *Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

IG @oneworldfoodtruck

Serving shredded jackfruit sandwiches with a Bourbon Beet BBQ Sauce and hand cut chips, a Korean cauliflower and sesame slaw salad PLUS a secret third dish that will be unveiled at the WED Festival! Make sure to check out their stall to find out what it is for yourself!


One World Food Truck says, “Because we are also passionate about sustainability. In our personal lives we recycle, compost, reduce plastic, avoid artificial colours and flavours in our food and encourage our boys to do the same and look after the environment. On the food truck we make everything ourselves producing great food free from any artificial nasties while reducing our footprint where we can. We use cardboard, compostable food trays, wooden cutlery, recyclable napkins and no straws. We have minimum waste and compost all our own food scraps.”

Jungle Oven

Food (Savoury) *Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

IG @jungleoven


Jungle Oven offer an extensive and varied selection of gourmet wood fired pizza. Our vegetarian and vegan pizzas use a vast array of seasonal and local farmers market produce and vegan cheese. Pizzas seasoned with fresh herbs grow with love and care! All pizza’s are available ‘gluten free’ at no extra charge. With 2 beautiful ovens in their trailer, there is no waiting involved, they can produce 4 pizzas every 2 to 3 minutes!


Jungle Oven says, “At Jungle Oven we love Pizza! And we create delicious, fresh food whilst providing excellent customer service and being environmentally responsible. The Jungle Oven concept is to use natural products as much as possible and we don’t use any single use plastic. Our pizza ovens are decorated using local shells, stones and glass offcuts. We hand make all our signage too - our banner is hessian whilst own menu boards, a-frame signage and walls are all bamboo! We recycle, recycle, recycle and shop at local farmers markets, and take home all food waste which goes directly into our compost system to keep our plants happy!"


Beverages & Snacks *Vegan

Seven Generation thinking is applied to our coffee’s bushtucker bites!


SevGen says, “We exist to celebrate sustainable ways of doing and being, choosing to utilise human permaculture practises.”

The Good Food Truck

Food (Savoury) *Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

IG @goodfoodtruckqld

Run by a chef, the Good Food Truck brings you Mushroom and bean quesadillas, burgers, sweet potato fries with a secret vegan mayonnaise! PLUS vegan/gluten free home made sweets.

The Good Food Truck says,”I have been vegetarian my whole life. My food truck is to inspire people, they could have a meat free night every week and realise it’s not that hard to do it. I have plastic free compostable containers/cups and straws. This festival is a perfect fit for everything my truck stands for. So exciting! I’m living my dream. ✌ “

Your Mates Brewing Co.

Alcoholic Beverages

We have worked blood, sweat and beers perfecting our recipes, with plenty of help from our mates and many taste testing parties, to bring your 'Your Mates Brewing Co' beer! We are proudly the largest local wholesalers on the Sunshine Coast, selling more beer than we can keep up with and love every minute of it. We have big dreams for Your Mates and want to get our beer out to as many legends as possible!


"Drinking good beer, with good mates and having a good time is at the core of Australian culture and we wanted our brand to represent the social experience of drinking beer. Catch ya for a cold one!"


​Cheers from your mates Hep and McGarry!

Di Nasene Italian

Food (Savoury)

Homemade Italian food - we cook for you the same way we cook for our families.

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