In 2019, the Sunshine Coast Climate Action Now "Renewables Expo will demonstrate why the future is renewable and within our grasp NOW!" The Expo showcased new and emerging technologies for a sustainable future, built on renewable energy. The expo featured demonstrations on what a ‘renewable village’ could look like, linking solar power, battery storage and electric vehicles in a small dwelling. In addition, local businesses and organisations with an interest in renewable energy exhibited their products and services.

The Expo featured:

  • Local businesses showcasing their products and services in the supply and installation of renewable energy and smart systems

  • 6 models of electric vehicles available in Australia, including the Tesla, Nissan, Hyundai and Renault, as well as electric bicycles

  • Demonstrate how sustainable communities can be created by integrating renewable energy and transport options in a smart tiny house


Who you will find at the Renewables Expo?!

Sunshine Coast Climate Action Now (SCCAN)

Climate Action Group

SCCAN is a community-based organisation committed to local action to address the urgent social and political changes needed to tackle the adverse impacts of climate change. SCCAN was formed in early 2016 and currently has 126 members. SCCAN holds community awareness events, such as the Renewables Expo and topical film nights and discussions, and gives presentations to community groups and organisations. SCCAN ran the highly acclaimed concert “Love song to the Earth” in March 2019 at Venue 114, with over 200 performers from local choirs and soloists highlighting how precious our planet is and what’s at stake if we can’t effectively respond to the causes of climate change now.

Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN)

Lobby Group

Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN) is a not-for-profit incorporated association whose members are working towards a zero net carbon emissions in the Noosa Shire by 2026. ZEN believes that Noosa is capable of joining communities around the globe that are committing to meaningful action on climate change. Check out our upcoming Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo and electric bike on display!

ZEN’s timeline may seem ambitious but exponential change is happening in the fields of solar power, battery storage and electric vehicles. ZEN sees its role as kick starting that process in the community, and empowering residents, businesses and community organisations to join it on the journey.

Noosa's primary emissions sources are electricity consumption and fossil-fuel powered vehicles and ZEN’s strategic plan, which is currently being prepared, will identify where best to target its energies. ZEN welcomes ideas and input from all in the community.


Renewable Energy Retailer

Solazone is a local company based in Marcoola. It specialises in supplying and distributing a wide range of renewable and solar energy equipment and products. Solazone’s mission is to help individuals and organisations embrace and use renewable energy as the preferred option, through providing quality equipment, professional installations, and expert advice, with integrity, in its daily work.

Halcol Energy

Renewable Energy Retailer

Since 2010, Halcol Energy has grown to become the largest solar installation company on the Sunshine Coast. Halcol has installed over 4000 solar systems in Queensland and NSW, including several large-scale solar projects of 100kW. Halcol also installs battery storage through alignment with one of the world’s largest manufacturers who specialises in renewable energy and smart systems. Halcol constantly monitors changes and innovations in the renewable energy sector to offer the most up to date products and services.

Island Energy

Renewable Energy Retailer

Island Energy was established in 2009 as a family owned and operated company, and started trading on the Sunshine Coast in 2018. Island Energy offer a large range of solar products, installation and after sales service, including solar power and hot water, hybrid solar, off grid solar, and battery storage for domestic, commercial and industrial sites. Its mandate is to supply quality packages that are the best value for money, whilst providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and peace of mind.


Renewable Energy Retailer

Enopte innovates smarter technology to monitor, manage and optimise customers energy usage. Its products are developed, assembled and tested in Australia, to provide energy management, storage, control, billing and metering. Enopte’s passion is to educate the community and work together, creating a more sustainable and beneficial way of life.


The Enopte Power Station is a fully integrated battery energy storage system positioned for residential application that is being launched at National Clean Tech conference in Caloundra on 29-31 May. The power station incorporates a 15kWh lithium battery and up to 8KW of solar PV and is a powerful package is designed for hybrid or off-grid application. Commercial configurations are also available with 24kW solar and 45kWh battery storage. The new power station package will form a key feature of the exhibit at the Renewables Expo.


Eco Bikes

EcoTekk is a sustainable, commercial enterprise committed to reducing energy and environmental costs by using a multi-disciplinary approach to provide sustainability- based education, training and alternatives. This includes: providing consultation for businesses to reduce their environmental impacts and costs; developing innovative options and alternatives that minimise the environmental impact of existing services; and partnering with like-minded organisations to assist in community based solutions and initiatives.


Noosa Electric Bikes is part of EcoTekk’s goal of delivering sustainable solutions that will preserve a quality of like for future generations, but also provides benefits to communities and businesses through cost reduction and health improvement. EcoTekk’s electric bikes will be on show at the Renewables Expo.


Smart Sinks

Water Waste System

Smart Sinks is an Australian company that was established to manufacture and market a local invention by Craig Hanson to better manage waste water systems requiring filtration before release, such as from dental, medical, mechanical and hospitality services and industries. Smart sinks mission is to provide businesses and trade industries the tools to filter waste from water and reduce their impact on the environment in a simple and cost-effective way. The Renewables Expo will include a working display of a Smart Sink.

Bespoke Habitats

Small & Mobile Homes

Bespoke Habitat's creates unique living spaces where the outside is as important as the inside. Located at Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast, the company builds spaces (with off-grid options) in shipping container homes, modular buildings or tiny homes on wheels. A 20ft Panoramic Shipping Container Home will be on display at the Renewables Expo. The tiny house includes decks and container folding roof, which clip onto the container and is available for purchase at a special WED festival price of $44,400 (excl. GST).

Solar Citizens

Climate Support Group

Solar Citizens is an independent community based organisation working to protect and grow solar in Australia. It advocates for the rights of more than 5 million solar owners and the millions more who wish to go solar. Solar Citizens run campaigns that use people power to put pressure on decision makers and bring about the best outcomes for solar owners and people who want solar.


Solar Citizens support a vision of an Australia where a major portion of its electricity is generated from the sun, where the rights of solar owners are protected and where all Australians are able to install solar on their homes.

Cricks Highway Renault

Electric Vehicles

Six models of electric vehicles will be exhibited at the Renewables Expo. Four are courteously being presented by their enthusiastic owners and 2 have been brought up from the Cricks Highway Renault dealership in Springwood.

The vehicles are:

  • Tesla Model S P90D – Sedan with 490km range global sales of more than 200,000, similar high-performance features associated with all Tesla electric vehicles (0- 100km/h 4.4sec).

  • Nissan Leaf - The world’s best-selling all electric car (over 300,000 sold globally). The next generation Leaf is expected to arrive in Australia later in 2019, with a range of over 240km.

  • Hyundai Ioniq – Hatchback, 230km range, lowest cost full EV available in Australia (well under $50,000).

  • Hyundai Kona – Australia’s first 100% electric SUV, 400km range

  • Renault Zoe – Hatchback, range up to 300km real world driving.

  • Renault Kangoo Z. E. – Van or small commercial vehicle, real world range 200km, ideal for small inner-city work.

Liz Harris Electric Cars

Electric Vehicles

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