Don't forget your wallets and purses, because there's a lot of produce and products you will not want to miss!

The Herbal Teacup

Organic Tea

The Herbal Teacup sells organic, wildcrafted and quality conventionally grown herbal teas to promote health and wellbeing. We have a Naturopath on our team to ensure the information and produce provided will cause no harm to the consumer. 


“We feel that the people visiting the festival will have similar ideas in regards to health and wellbeing as we do and would like to showcase what we do. The majority of our teas are organically grown or ethically wildcrafted and our bags are all made from rice paper. “ - the Herbal Teacup

Sustainable Cuisine

Plants! Edible Plants!

Grow your own food with our selection of edible plants perfect for the subtropical climate of the Sunshine Coast! We're not into online plant sales, we like to talk to people and tell them about plants and how to grow them...and of course how to eat them! Come visit out custom built (made locally on the Sunshine Coast...just sayin') trailer that holds about 300 plants! Find us at the Food & Farm Expo!


“We believe that culinary plants for sale at most retail nurseries don’t suit the Sunshine Coast climate (most sell seedlings of European crops that struggle through our seasons). We get NOVICE gardeners growing their own food, in even the tiniest of spaces and with modest of gardening experience. We love TEACHING people and letting them try new things. We'd love to see everyone producing their own sustainable backyard harvests! - Sustainable Cuisine

Sunshine Coast Council

Come and have your say!

We are undertaking community engagement on council's draft Social Strategy for the region. We want your feedback on this draft to test the vision, principles and directions to ensure we have heard what the community has told us. Come and have your say!

“WED provides a positive and welcoming environment which attracts a wide range of people from across the Sunshine Coast region who are motivated to contribute to the community and our natural environment.” - Sunshine Coast Council


Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

Reducing the use of plastic while donating money to help the Great Barrier Reef.


“We love that the WED festival aligns with our sustainability and eco-friendliness values!” - Seastraws

Salty Eco Tours

Indigenous Culture and Conservation Eco Tour on the Water

Unique tours through Mooloolaba River and to Mudjimba Island to showcase Indigenous culture Converting rescued traditional timbers from ex cray fishing vessels into an eco-tourism platform, powered by an eco-electric engine and sail.

Celebrating Indigenous history and stories told from the islands in the Torres Strait's to the people of the land and sea from our local Aboriginal communities. Representatives from the Gubbi Gubbi community will welcome guests on board, facilitate cultural talks and partake in traditional activities with those on board with a highlight on protecting our local marine life and surrounding ecosystems.

“We aim to educate people of all ages around the importance of culture, maritime history, conservation and fun on the water all whilst embarking on a scenic low impact tour through a hands-on sailing adventure.” - Salt Eco Tours

Mr Hempy

Hygiene, Cosmetic & Therapeutic Products

Mr Hempy produces hygiene, cosmetic and therapeutic grade products which are chemical free and made from hemp.

“We love helping animals and people with minimal impact on the planet.” - Mr Hempy

Misty Lane & Co

Handmade Food Storage Alternatives to single - use plastics

Misty Lane & Co is a collective of an Animal ecologist, hobby apiarist and environmentally conscious people, who want to educate and bring awareness to others to ‘BEE THE CHANGE’ by removing single-use plastics from their lives. Join us as we fight to reduce landfill, help animals & their habitats and protect ourselves and the environment from toxic plastic consumption. 

We are a small-scale and eco-conscious production with environmental integrity and hand- make our products with:

  • 100% organic cotton

  • locally sourced filtered beeswax

  • organic coconut & organic jojoba oils


Using beeswax wraps on fruit and vegetables allows the produce not to sweat, there are no nasty toxic plastic chemicals transferred and the wraps aid in holds in the nutrients longer, this gives the consumer greater quality from their produce. Bees wax wraps can be used in lunch boxes, fridges and freezers. Our products are sustainable and all packaging is recycled and compostable. We use vegetablee glues applied with 100% recyclable applicators. Our beeswax wraps can be composted when finished with after many months of use.

“We believe it is vital to educate people on how to make changes regarding our environment. People are ready to listen and make changes - we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and helping people make a difference to ensuring they are doing their best to be sustainable and live a simpler lifestyle for the greater good.” - Misty Lane & Co

Maleny Credit Union

Ethical, Sustainable, Community Minded Financial Institution

Maleny Credit Union is a leading provider of ethical, sustainable and community minded financial solutions. We will responsibly: 

  • Meet the financial needs of our members through its member owned banking Organisation

  • Maintain a strong commitment to the community including its Charitable Trust

  • Facilitate access to relevant and aligned financial and ethical products and services while ensuring we maintain sound business and compliance practices

  • Build strong businesses complimentary to its existing products and services


“Our vision is to be a member owned banking organisation renowned for improving its members’ lives and the communities we interact with, through ethical, sustainable and community focussed initiatives and prosperity services.” Maleny Credit Union

Live Life Green

Eco Products for the body and home *Palm Oil & Toxic Free

We specialise in creating a holistic haven for you family and home with a wide range of products:

  • skin, hair and body care

  • family care

  • cleaning

  • kitchen products


“We are passionate about sustainability. Our online EcoStore stock over 900 products which are 100% CRUELTY FREE, PALM OIL FREE & TOXIN FREE”. - Live Life Green

Kath & Sarah

Recycled Fabric Clothing & Art

We love to recycle, recycle recycle! Get your hands on our Sun ponchos, bags and pixie beanies made from recycled fabrics! Come check out our range! We will also have a fabulous display of photograph by Sarah to purchase!

“Because recycling is important to us, we work hard to help protect the environment from more waste and rubbish anyway we can.” - Kath & Sarah

Kahuna Mist

Sustainable products for the body, spirit and creativity

We like to keep it simple and local at Kahuna Mist. We source local talent and provide a point of sale to encourage self responsibility and esteem. We don’t follow fashions but keep in touch with trends and make use of anything that will help us grow with integrity. We provide:

  • Handmade organic skin & hair care

  • neti salts

  • toothpowder's aromatic oil pulling oils (refillable glass packaging)

  • handmade artisan body soaps, 

  • shampoo bars

  • shaving soaps

  • pet shampoo bars

  • Handmade eye pillows & body heat packs

  • handcrafted kanazashi clips

  • fabric shopping bags

“We pride ourselves on providing clean, sustainable products not only of the body, but also to  touch the spirit and inspire creativity within.” - Kahuna Mist

Department of Environment & Science

Environment, Parks, Forests, Science & Art

FB @QldEnvironment

Forest Heart Eco Nursery

Native Plants for Gardens, Food & Ecosystem Restoration

At Forest Heart Eco-Nursery we are passionate about and promote the planting of native plants for gardens, food and ecosystem restoration and for wildlife. 


We sell quality:

  • native plants

  • bush foods

  • nest boxes

  • insect hotels

  • reveg materials

  • botanical art 


“We are passionate about sustainability and local native plants, protection of wildlife, restoring ecosystems and community engagement.” - Forest Heart

Cleanwater Group

Reducing plastic entering waterways, oceans and landfills

Our goal is to empower society to create a pristine environment for future generations. We focus on pollution prevention programs, education, data collection and circular waste management models. 


Come and check our displays!

  • Device that shows a stormwater litter trap like the ones we supply and use around the Sunshine Coast 

  • Marine debris and pollution prevention

  • Recycling machines - shredder, extruder and injection mould - allowing you the change to create products out of waste plastic! Learn the valued of reused and recycled plastic!


We sell devices that capture marine debris and other pollutants in our stormwater networks before they enter our waterways and ocean. We also service these devices regularly and use them as a diagnostic tool to gather data as per the Australian Marine Debris Initiative to help with source reduction planning.


“We believe in sustainability and integrate it throughout our business activities. Our mission is to reduce the amount of plastic and other marine debris entering our waterways, ocean and landfill by 2030 and an essential part of this is raising community awareness of the issue and empowering them to be apart of the solution. As Sunshine Coast Council's contractor for stormwater servicing, we see first hand the amount and types of litter traveling through our stormwater network into the ocean. Exhibiting at the WED festival will give us the opportunity to communicate our findings and showcase the efforts we are all taking to stem the tide of plastic pollution.” - Clearwater Group

Bokashi Ninja

"One person can make a difference from the comfort of their own kitchen"

Bokashi Ninja is a local Coolum Beach business, just launched in March 2019!


Our featured products include:

  • A stylish 20L Bokashi bucket and an easy-to-use accelerator spray - Made from recycled plastic with a small amount of CN ceramic to make the fermentation process efficient.

  • mesh produce bags - Made from rPET recycled plastic bottles

The bucket system ferments your food waste in an airtight environment over 4-6 weeks, turning it into soil enriching matter for your garden. The by-product Bokashi juice, when diluted, is amazing as a plant booster. It's like Kombucha for your plants!

"Every day people are trying to find ways they can tread lighter on our planet. Our vision is to make Bokashi a common word in everyday vocabulary and educate people to the fact the one person can make a difference from the comfort of their own kitchen. Food waste accounts for more than 40% of total landfill in Australia. By using your Bokashi Ninja they can: Reduce bin emptying and trips to the bin, Save on single-use plastic bin bags – save $’s, Help the planet and save our marine life and Lower the volume of waste going to landfill" - Bokashi Ninja

Bambooy Designs

Organic Clothing for Women

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottles

"The Safest and Most Adaptable Bottles for the Entire Family"

Pura is about One Bottle One Life. Manufacturing safe, durable, and cost effective infant, toddler, and adult bottles and accessories by combining modern innovations and cutting edge design to help our customers behave in an environmentally progressive manner. Bottles can be used from birth to adult by simply changing the accessory.

  • 100% Plastic Free

  • The only bottle in the world given a non toxic certification

  • Reusable Products for the whole family - infants through to adults

  • Accessories


“With Pura Kiki Stainless steel bottles being the safest in the World with their non toxic certification and 100% plastic free, we are providing safe alternatives to other stainless steel bottles.” - Pura Kiki


FB @PuraKikiAustralia

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