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Fun is the key to learning about and interacting with the environment. Whether painting with veggies, tree planting or wildlife shows, there are plenty of activities to engage our young environment warriors. Every activity in the Children's Forest is based around connecting to natural and healthy practices.

My little one didn't know where to look! There were so many fun activities and engaging ways to learn about how to look after the environment. We especially loved the bush critter art. I'll definitely be telling people to come along next year!

Jennifer Ludler


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Wildlings Forest School

We provide nature play programs including playgroups, forest school and professional development workshops for educators. Our programs are all run outdoors and are child-led, allowing children to take appropriate risks while learning critical life skills.

It is our mission at Wildlings to create as many opportunities for children to have the freedom to play, explore and take reasonable risks in nature with a sense of belonging and environmental stewardship. At the heart is our commitment to wildness, both in the natural world, within ourselves – to retain that untamed wild sense of self from childhood through to adulthood.

Using natural materials, sustainably sourced (for example we use weed species for timber or weaving etc). Our craft materials are upcycled where possible. We actually use very little in the way of man made materials.

Tie Dye Workshop

We bring white items, tshirts, shoes, bandanas, pillow cases and more for kids and adults to paint their own designs using UV reactive dyes! When it's dry, it's ready to wear.

Tie Dye magic and sustainable stencils

Up-cycle old textiles that would otherwise go to landfill. Use tie dye and stencils to create a brand new shirts using none toxic dyes. A great workshop for all ages and very popular.

Single Use Plastic & Natural Items Activities

Visit out display table of commonly found single use litter & information for social media & reusable products vs single use. Walk away with an insight into the single use plastic problem, beach care, social media links. Conversations will be started, lightbulb moments will be had!



A collection of marine plastic collected from local beaches will be recreated into a 'colour in' scene within a frame. Finished image is uploaded to social media by parent/caregiver. The plastic is reused throughout the event. All plastic has been collected from local beaches over many years & is sorted & washed. No product is taken away.



Open ended outcome. Using a collection of string and natural materials (shells, feathers, sticks, driftwood, wood, seedpods), children create a take home item e.g.; necklace, mobile, fairy wand, decorative piece. All items used are collected from parks, beaches & gardens. No animal or habitat was disturbed.

Activities suitable for ages 3 years to teenagers

'Glitter Face Painting' with Manda Sparkles

Glitter Face Painting brings out the sparkle in individuals! Learn about biodegradable, vegan glitter!

Tips and uses especially for parties and the festival scene! You can still get an amazing glitter result, if not better with bio glitter! PLUS learn about the philosophy and reason why we biodegradable glitter is so important! *Hint: plastic*

'Labyrinth Love' with Natureweavers

Make a Labyrinth from rock and sand, stick and leaf, crystal and clay, yarn and fleece which all WED festival participants can enjoy. The Labyrinth is an ephemeral art piece, designed to be returned to earth at the close of the festival.

We invite children and their families to impart their creations on the labyrinth by decorating a stone or stick with paint and pen and decorate it with nature mobiles, candle holders, leaf wreaths, and clay totems which will be added throughout the day to the labyrinth.

Labyrinth walkers are invited to move through the labyrinth be asked to set an intention to the earth as they begin their walk, and to place that intention, either in writing or drawing, at the centre of the Labyrinth - at day's end, this centrepiece will be a powerful illustration of our local community's commitment to and love for our earth and environment.


As the Labyrinth winds down, children and other participants can collect their stones, mobiles and other creations made on the day and take those home with them.

Flying With Rainbows

Running on Rainbows art therapy workshop has been designed especially for this years WED Festival! Our main focus will be on enhancing all participants festival experience with our 30 minute workshop suitable for suitable for all ages and young people living with disabilities. Access your inner creative spirit!

Participants are welcome to take their creations to enjoy at home.


Create artwork with real earth pigments! Discover and add wonderful textures with natural items provided. A refreshing approach to exploring the senses and our collective journey to change.

  • STAGE 1: Personal Growth - discovering ones creativity through right brain activity, creative fun

  • STGAE 2: Discovery - painting with earth pigments and develop unrealised observations of the world we live in

Look for the ‘Flying with Rainbows’ marquee in the Children’s Forest.


Bush Critter

Fun, creative eco art and craft activities for the whole family. Make your own wild creature using dried seed pods and clay and thread 'natures jewels' to create beautiful seed hangings.

'Live Intuitive Art' with Dani Em Art

Join Danielle Miles for Live Intuitive Art. Wherever the paint lands on the canvas, that's where it stays. As each layer of paint, glitter and pen work dries, an image emerges which is then accentuated using contrasting paint to bring it to life!

LIVE ART with David Houghton

​Come and watch this artist in action and he creates art LIVE with friends in the Children's Forest!

LIVE ART with April Greer

Come and watch this artist in action and she creates art LIVE in the Children's Forest!

Brightwater Bag Workshop

Find us in the Children's Forest!

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