World Environment Day Festival is on the 7th June 2020 and is a great way to showcase your delicious and wholesome food to an audience of around 8000. Each year we have a high volume of food vendors who apply to the festival. Due to electricity constraints at the site, we are unable to showcase as many vendors as we'd like. Therefore we prioritise vendors whose ethics are aligned with the festival.  


In keeping with the spirit of sustainability, we have chosen to make the 2020 WED Festival a vegan and vegetarian event. Therefore we are only accepting applications from food vendors who are prepared provide only vegan and vegetarian food. To minimise waste, we also ask that vendors refrain from using single use plastic when serving food and beverage at the Festival.  

• Food Vendor Stall $250 + GST

• Coffee Vendor Stall $199 + GST

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World Environment Day Festival is brought to you by Sunshine Coast Environment Coucil

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