Reusable Water Bottles

  • Glass and stainless steel are two of the easiest and most readily available options on the market that fit into everyday life easily. If you move around a lot in your everyday life, we suggest picking up a stainless steel bottle due to their light weight and longevity. These bottles last for years and are great for use from the youngest to the oldest family member. 

  • You can pick up a stainless steel bottle at the festival from our Sustainable Stall sellers! 

  • Keep your water needs in check using the helpful 'TAP' app! The Google Map helps you to find free water wherever you go!


Reusable Food Containers

  • Food served at the festival will be provided in biodegradable and/or compostable packaging.

  • If you would like to take it a step further and reduce waste, why not bring your own glass or stainless steel containers from home? This is especially great if you want to buy some extra treats to take home. (We know we will be buying extra serves to enjoy later - the food looks so amazing this year!

Bringing food and drink from home? See our tips below to reduce your waste!

  • While we have made a huge effort to provide you with a wide range of local businesses to choose from, we know that sometimes little kids and those with food intolerances and allergies may still struggle or be unsure about festival food.

  • Our food and beverage page provides details about all of the food and drinks at the festival. We have highlighted the types of food they will be serving, vegan and/or vegetarian, and included extra dietary information where available regarding gluten free and soy free alternatives. Our food and beverage providers are more than happy to make your festival experience great, all you have to do it ask!


Rubbish Disposal the right way!

  • If you bring food food from home consider what type of packaging you will use. Are you using plastic wrap? Are you bringing commercial food packets? Are you packing it in reusable glass containers?

  • To ensure you dispose of your festival waste wisely, throughout the festival grounds there will be Waste Warriors providing tips and guidance to ensure your trash is disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion. See the Guidelines below to get a educational headstart!

  • Want to learn more? Head to the Renewables Expo Recycling Stations to learn more. They will go through what type of waste goes where!


Has food on it? Great! PLA is compostable as it is made from corn and sugarcane!


When in doubt, put it in general waste!


Great ideas to transform soft plastic into reusable items!

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